One account for effective and efficient management of all sales channels

Put all your online distrubution channels under control from a single command centers. Manage online sales effectively, virtually in real-time management. Hotels of all types and sizes – from vacation rentals, apartments and hostels to independent hotels, groups and global chains – can benefit from the Channel Manager’s broad capabilities.
  • Hotel site reservation module
  • OTAs (Booking, Expedia, HRS, Arktur, New Logic, Hotels24, Elegant Travel, KiyAvia, etc.)
  • Wholesalers (Hotusa, Travco, Tourico Holidays, etc.)
  • Vacation rentals (AirBnb, Dobovo)
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Channel Manager Yield Planet is a software solution that transmits information about the available rooms of your hotel to several sales channels simultaneously.

It stores all information in “synchronization” between channels and allows you to update information on your channels from a single account at the same time.

It allows over 500 channels being adding. Among them are all foreign OTAs, tour operators, as well as the most complete list of Ukrainian partners.

Thanks to XML connection it became possible to establish two-way communication between channel manager and multiple channels, transmitting data in a short time. So, data is not only transmitted to the channels, but the feedback is received as well. For example, when one of the channels receives a reservation, the availability decreases for all other connected channels. This “synchronization” allows you to sell all the rooms on each added channel and at the same time helps prevent rebooking.

The channel manager is responsible for performing such tasks as:

  • Automatic sending of prices, as well as the total and available for sale quantity of hotel rooms to the channels
  • Protection against overbooking
  • Transmission to sales restriction channels (Min LOS, CTA, Release days)
  • Receipt and viewing of reservations from channels, the general database of reservations from all channels
  • Maximization of revenues through flexible price management and opportunity of establishing sales rules
  • Receiving data updates (prices and availability) from the PMS system, if it is connected to the channel manager, with the subsequent transfer of updates to the added channels
  • Combined sales analytics on all channels, which helps hoteliers to make informed decisions aimed at increasing their revenues and profits

Who should use Yield Planet?

Accommodations of all types and sizes – from seasonal rentals, apartments and hostels to individual hotels, hotel groups and global hotel chains, as well as rental companies – can experience the benefits of using the extensive capabilities of Channel Manager. If your accommodation is presented on several sales channels, you have or will have dynamic and flexible price and availability management, then the channel manager is exactly what you need.

Why do I need to use Yield Planet?

Manual management of several online resources – each of which has its own interface, its own rules and own pricing strategy – takes a lot of time, increases the risk of making mistakes when uploading rates and leads to shortfalls in optimal revenue and profit. Intelligent automation with Channel Manager gives you the ability to control the process of managing online resources, reduces your administrative costs and efforts, thus allowing you to optimize your strategy for achieving maximum revenue and profit.

The first month is a trial period, free of charge. Then the payments are made on a quarterly basis. The amounts of payments depend on the selected package.