RoomsWizard BE booking engine

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A specialized software product to automate the hotel booking process at its website and increase direct hotel sales.
Rooms Wizard booking engine is already successfully used by more than 130 hotels in Ukraine. The website of your hotel is the only online resource you have complete control of from the standpoint of pricing, and from the standpoint of the services offered. Thanks to its automation by means of the RoomsWizard booking engine, you get:
  • Increase website conversion rate The hotel’s website becomes not just your business card online, but an online boutique where active sales in real time become possible
  • Revenue growth The hotel’s personal website is the most profitable sales channel
  • Increase guest loyalty to your hotel The booking engine allows each site visitor to feel what individual approach means when booking a room
  • Increase the number of bookings from your site and your booking bill You have the opportunity to sell packages and additional hotel services
  • High level of personal data security
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Who should use it?

Any accommodation with its own website can take advantage of the booking engine: hotel of any type and available rooms, hostel, network hotels, rental company, etc. No special skills or effort are required because Smart Planet takes over the entire process of setting up and customizing the booking engine, and provides all the data to integrate it with your website. When the required settings are complete, your site will be another online sales channel that you can easily manage via Channel Manager.

Booking engine functionality
Fast booking process
Own feedback system
Comparison of prices with other online sales sources
Return of unfinished bookings
Responsive design
Different methods of guaranteed booking and payments
Sale of early check-in and late check-out
Sale of additional services
Creation of promotions and package offers
Interface with the channel manager
Multicurrency and multilingual module
Promo codes for individual rates

Additional features

  • Accounting for additional seats
  • Guest’s personal account
  • Choice of different types of boarding
  • Free services and guest preferences guaranteed
  • Feedback tools (callback ordering, contact mail, chat and newsletter subscription)
  • Creating widgets for third-party resources (such as booking a hotel on the event / conference site with a special price for participants)
  • Booking engine for hotel chain, hotel comparison, offering alternative hotel in the chain if the requested hotel is not available.
  • Automatic waiting list. If the hotel does not have available rooms for the requested date – a guest can put him(her)self on the waiting list. Later on, if there are cancellations and rooms will become available, the guest will receive a message about such available rooms.
Booking engine configuration is free of charge. The commission is only 3% of the total verified order amount.That is, the hotel pays 3% of the amount for accommodation by bookings made through the booking engine and by which guests checked in. No commission is charged when a reservation gets canceled, or in case of non-arrival, and also for the sale of additional services. In a few days you can get a sales tool that will convert your hotel site visitors into real bookings!